Marotte x Farouche Collection

Decorative Pannels

Farouche met Marotte, specialist in the manufacture of decorative wood panels. A conversation about the love for wood is whatled to the desire to work together.
Marotte channels its original know-how through Anna Le Corno’s eyes, bringing a fresh and modern touch to this new collection.This collaboration is a fusion between sculpture and wood veneering, two of Marotte’swell-established areas of expertise.

Farouche created four patterns—Typha, Limòn, Atoma, and Vertigo. Available in twelve wood species and three different colors of substrates.

The wood species are dispatched in two groups. One that is “Classic” and includes seven different varieties of soft and elegant woods. The other is “Wild” and takes advantage of the unique natural beauty and grain of 5 noble woods.

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